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Employers, join us on June 12, 2019 for our LGBTQ Job Fair in partnership with Diversity Richmond. Non-discrimination laws do not currently protect LGBTQ people in the workplace; however, many top Virginia employers have recognized the benefits of an inclusive and diverse workforce. Join our event connecting affirming and inclusive companies with great employees.

The $85 registration fee to participate is waived for members of the Richmond LGBTQ Chamber. Companies interested in participating as exhibiting employers must:

  1. Expect to be filling open positions on or soon after June 12, 2019
  2. Have a demonstrated commitment to inclusive employment practices in at least one of the following:
    • membership in the Richmond LGBTQ Chamber
    • membership in Equality Virginia’s Virginia Fairness program
    • an equal opportunity policy that includes sexual orientation and gender identity/expression

Questions or sponsorship inquiries can be directed to our Job Fair committee at and one of our volunteers will respond as soon as possible.

Richmond LGBTQ Chamber

1407 Sherwood Ave,
Richmond VA 23220
(804) 464-8826

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